Hey Friend!

My name is Nik Poplavsky and I'm the guy behind the Balanced Hustle.

I created this project because I wanted to share everything I learned on my journey of healing myself. I am seeing how wonderful people are doing amazing things in the world but without the adequate support. They don't optimize their physical and mental performance, their routine is not always sustainable and they can't often find inner peace.

Some history

A few years ago, I realized that something in my life wasn’t working. At that time, I was trained as a lawyer (in fact, I received my 3rd law degree not too far back from that moment of realization). I was working at a large law firm making good money and having good prospects. Yet, I felt that something was off. My life had no inspiration in it. I felt like I was missing out all the time. My relationships were not fulfilling. My health started to drastically deteriorate. Something had to change. However, at that point I didn't know what to do.

I remember going through Instagram and seeing all the great things people did. I then started thinking why I wasn't doing any of those things. The first thing that occurred to me was that I had no energy to do any of them. I would come from work and crash. Going for a hike seemed like a very big deal for which I could not come up with enough energy. Yet, the GoPro adventure videos seemed very appealing. "Screw it, I'll fix it, whatever it is!", I thought at that moment. That's how my biohacking journey started.

Then came books, articles, science papers, doctors, tests, alternative doctors (since regular doctors told me it was all stress-related), diets, supplements, more supplements, experiments (if something has the potential to improve my health, I'm pretty much up for it), alternative therapies (as science didn't always work), the energy work, the inner work, the shadow work and many many more.

The Balanced Hustle

At some point I realized that I know more about performance and health more that I know about law. This is when I thought about sharing this information with others.

For the longest time I was fascinated by small businesses. I saw how entrepreneurs are so focused on doing great things that they don't pay enough attention to other aspects of life like health, relationships or having enough "me time". It is more about achieving goals, increasing revenue and making clients happy.

It seemed that the information I have could be very helpful to those who are tired of hustling and want more inner peace. That’s when the domain name was registered and another journey began!