I'm Nik Poplavsky. I am a heart-centered lawyer-trained biohacker. My obsession is improving health, performance and mindset! I help type A  solopreneurs get less busy and have more 'me time' by sharing my knowledge and the results of my research and experiments!

More about Nik

Guiding solopreneurs

I work with seasoned Type A solopreneurs who are always busy, have too many things on their to-do list and don't have enough time for themselves and self-care

The process

I help busy people to take first steps to being less busy, to less struggle, to have more fun, more inner peace, be in charge of their business and run it from their heart.


We uncover and analyze everything about your current routine first

Training vs. education

You actively participate in the learning via challenges and exercises


We organize the material for you in a manageable way

Joyful and inspired action

We work out the easiest and fun ways for you to take action


We then look at what worked and what didn't and see what we can improve

What I bring



Joy and gratitude are the foundations of my work and life

Business Oriented

Helping you run your business in an aligned, sustainable and joyful way

Backed by Research and Experiments

4+ years and $15,000+ spent on programs, tests, alternative therapies, research and experiments on health, performance, mindset and soul

Some good words

"Nik has provided great content and knowledge. I genuinely enjoyed talking to him about peak performance so it was an easy fit"Hugh Langis
"Nik is an awesome resource for actionable information on performance hacking!"Sahar Ghanaati
"The best was Nik talking to me about how my life currently is and presenting me options of how I could make it better"Swathi Mohan

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