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Getting things done is not only about willpower or productivity

Smart entrepreneurs always seek good advice. Be it in their business or personal lives. Thankfully, there is no shortage of available advice. After finding some great information they act on it. Seems straightforward, right? But it is entrepreneurs that we [...]

Why hustling doesn’t always work (but leads to more stress)

Hustling is a big word in the entrepreneur world. Everyone associates hustle with success. Everyone is saying that this is the surest way to get to your goals. This is ideas is also extremely popular with investors, marketers and influencers. [...]

What if you apply design thinking to help people deal with burnout?

The other day I had a realization. This realization definitely affected how I approach serving people and building the business. But before that, a short preface... Imagine a random non-technical problem (dealing with stress, public speaking, sales, etc). Then think [...]