On clearing distractions, being yourself and finding more fulfillment in life


Distractions. They are everywhere. They are annoying, draining and affect major parts of our lives. The main focus today, however, is on work performance. In today’s world of seeking success, we tend to think of distractions as something that harms our focus and productivity. First pages of Google search (supposedly, the most relevant content) talk about distractions and work. Is … Read More

On trusting yourself, staying productive and not listening to success gurus

Productivity… The most desired and also the most elusive goal of a working person. With so much available information and more than a dozen productivity systems created, there seems to be nothing left to discuss. But what if we reshape the whole approach to productivity (and break a few social norms along the way)? What if we shift focus from … Read More

Bring calmness to your morning

Do you enjoy your mornings? Do you hastily get ready and rush out the door or take the time to slowly bring your best self at the start of the day? The nature of your morning affects how calm the whole day will go.